The Prairie Arts Council is a representation of all things art. We are an all inclusive corporation that strives to share opportunities with the arts with everyone in our service area (Jasper and Newton Counties). 

The Prairie Arts Council was formed in 1992 when the newly named Carnegie Center became available as our home location. The building was opened in 1905 as the Rensselaer Public Library funded with $10,000 from Andrew Carnegie. 
In 1992 the building was deeded to Indiana Landmarks and was to be managed by the Jasper Foundation (a community foundation) and occupied by the Jasper Foundation, Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce, and the Prairie Arts Council.

The building was later deeded to the Jasper Foundation that continues to own and operate it. The Prairie Arts Council occupies the main floor where we established the Lillian Fendig Gallery and our main office space.

The Prairie Arts Council has three primary goals:
1. To provide opportunities for people in Jasper and Newton Counties to engage with the art in our Lilian Fendig Gallery and other area venues through a variety of programs.
2. To provide opportunities for area artists to exhibit or perform their arts.
3. To provide opportunities for instruction in the arts and to help enrich art education.

The Prairie Arts Council is a not-for-profit corporation and membership organization of over 200 members. The organization relies heavily on membership, corporate sponsorship, fund-raising events, contributions, endowments, and grants (especially from the Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts through a regional partnership with the Tippecanoe Arts Federation of Lafayette).